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Hitech OEM Vietnam Corporation Company

R&D Test Machine and Production line

R&D Tester , Machine, and Production Line

Conveyor System

Design and Install Special Convey for Food Factory, Advertising Display E-market ..etc

Production Line Machine


R&D Circle Test, Life Time Test, Leak Test application

Design and install Conveyor System

We Can Design and install Conveyor System for Food Factory, Garment and Supper Market using alot of sourse from many Conveyor Supplier factory all over the word.

Mechanical Design

R&D Mechanic Machine


We can support Design and Develope production line.

Position tracking Conveyor

Belt conveyor

Modular Conveyor

Modular Conveyor

R&D Tester ,Machine, Conveyor system, Production line in Food industry.

We are R&D Fact with expert in Mechatronic, Mechanical and automation machine . We help our customer to R&D Tester, Machine, Production line for their business. Our service include engineering automation system, installing serviec, machine modify and improvement . And of course , no-minimum order quantity.

Our vision is joint to made in vietnam industry

12 Years of Engineering Excellence. We are focused on automation base, R&D Tester, Conveyor System, Machine, Production Line and support our customer to do their best service.